When it comes to coffee, I exude confidence. I’m sure it comes off as cocky to some, but with a quarter century in the game I be like, “Yo! Been there. Done that. Here’s the shirt.” And as arrogant as that may sound, it truly IS the briefest yet, truest summary of my work history in the coffee business.

I’ve only ever known High Volume espresso production due to working at some of the busiest Starbucks and Peet’s locations in the US by annual sales numbers. If expertise is measured by sheer amount of time one has put into something, I’m well over the obligatory ten thousand hour mastery marker to say the very least. I pour my heart, soul and breath into every cappuccino I steam. I consider myself a craftsman of his trade which is so much more than shot pulling and milk steaming.

I build communities through dedicated customer bases which translates into residual income for the establishment. My success is measured by time in the game and if the name of the game is “Run This Cafe” well, consider me the MVP.

I have Drive. Determination. Motivation. Experience. Knowledge. I got the “Walk.” I got the “Talk.” And with the advent of social media, my latte art skills and Southern Hospitality, things can move quickly.

People want a place to go where their name is known, where their drink order is remembered. They also want quality and professionalism with a little bit of flare and finesse. Shake that up with a sense of humor and you have yours truly >smile<

With craft roasting experience and family connections to Central American coffee growers/producers, my credentials are in pristine order and worthy of any coffee establishment taking it’s coffee program seriously, or would like to.

Not only have I commanded the helm of one of Peet’s ‘Million Dollar’ locations in Berkeley, California, I’ve also had the wonderful privilege of helping two successful establishments through quick and massive expansions, one of which being Starbucks.

Not many people can say they knew what they wanted to do at an early age and are doing that thing presently. I’ve managed to do the thing I love for almost 25 years and hope to continue to do so with your establishment.

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